July'14 I published a piece on "Undesigning Interactions", in interactions magazine.

June '14 2 papers and 1 Pictorial at DIS '14: "On the Presentation and Production of Design Research Artifacts", "Counterfunctional Things", and "Some Variations on a Counterfunctional Camera"

Sept '13 TOCHI Special Issue on Practice-oriented approaches to sustainable HCI has been published. Read our intro here [PDF]

Jan '13 I'm relocating to the Bay Area and the Berkeley Center for New Media.

Dec '12 Paper accepted to CHI '13: "Electric Materialities and Interactive Technology".

April '12 3 papers accepted to DIS '12: "Designing Everyday Technologies with Human-Power and Interactive Microgeneration", "The Local Energy Indicator", and "Studying the Designer-Tool Relationship in Interaction Design"

Jan '12 3 papers accepted to CHI '12: "Undesigning technology", "Beyond energy monitors", and "How persuasion narrows our vision of sustainability"

I study and design interactive technology to understand, explore and question its role in everyday life. I am particularly concerned with how technology contributes to positive and negative forms of (dis)engagement, (over)consumption and (un)sustainability.

My research combines critical approaches with designerly modes of imagination and production. I frequently use ethnographic methods to help inform and assess the design of technology.

I am currently at the Berkeley Center for New Media working with Eric Paulos in the Living Environments Lab while I am finishing my PhD at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

My research is focused on 3 areas:

The Materiality of Interactive Technology
What is interactive/electric/digital technology? How does it present itself in use, and differentiate itself from other things? What are its possibilities and limitations as design materials?

Interaction and Sustainable Energy Systems
How is electrical power and energy interacted with in everyday life? How can things be designed to encourage more sustainable interactions and relationships through, with and to energy?

Undesigning Technology (Negating Design by Design)
In what ways may design intentionally negate what it has brought into being? What things are worthy of being undesigned, to varying degrees?


Hand-powered Electric Forms

The Local Energy Indicator

Hand Generated Digital Media

Energy Mementos

Interactive Microgeneration

  Fieldwork Booklets

Seasonal Energy Lamp

Scenarios for collecting, keeping and sharing energy